Singapore Lou Hei Marathon

Attention all serious marathoners, the Singapore Lou Hei Marathon is an event that you would not want to miss during the Lunar New Year Celebrations.

Compared to the actual 42km marathon on foot,  the Lou Hei Marathon is well almost just as demanding. It challenges the efficiency of your digestive system and body metabolic rate!

I was opted in automatically for a 5 days back to back Lou Hei Marathon! It starts officially at 1pm on 3rd Feb 09 for Sales & Marketing Division Lou Hei!

Day 1: 3rd Feb 09

And immediately after, the whole marketing team proceed for an external food tasting session plus jobscope allocation meeting for our corporate event luncheon and we Lou Hei again! ðŸ˜›

I was so full with shark fin, abalone and other good stuffs that I totally skipped dinner that night. Just when I thought that I can rest for the day. My mom surprised me with a first ever family Lou Hei!

Total: 3 Lou Hei in 1 day!

Day 2: 4th Feb 09

The Lou Hei Fest continues immediately the next day at Lao Beijing (Plaza Singapura) where George, Larry and Ian from AdWow (Creative Agency) gave the team a wonderful treat. The food is good but pretty typical chinese fare.

Day 3: 5th Feb 09

Today Lou Hei session was not an easy feat.  The whole team was helping out with our corporate luncheon event for our corporate customers. Many of us did not manage to do the first Lou Hei together with the invited corporate customers, including me.

With fantastic teamwork, the event planned and executed by Nicole & Amelia was a great success and all got to have our pictures taken together with Michelle Chong. Hee hee 😛

After all the post cam whoring, the entire team sat down to enjoy our own little team Lou Hei!

Day 4: 6th Feb 09

We had a nice Lou Hei today at a popular traditional Chinese Restaurant Beng Hiang @ 112 – 116 Amoy Street . They served excellent sea cucumbers, fish maw soup and fatty meat buns!!

Day 5: 9th Feb 09

Finally, Lou Hei @ New Majestic Hotel marks the sweet finale to the 5 days Marathon.

The food was fusion, it’s unique …. but I realised after eating that I prefer traditional chinese dishes better. Feels more satisfying, dun ask me why. But you must definitely check out their D24 Fried Durian Ice – Cream! Heavenly 🙂


Well….although 5 straight days of my favourite sharkfin and abalone feels abit jer liat…..I still feel sad to say good bye to all these good food.

Will just have to look forward to the next Lou Hei Marathon!

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