Kid’s Meal at Whampoa

With most of the food stores at MediaCorp closed for the new year, I checked out Whampoa Wet Market Hawker with colleagues.

We sat at the seats near the durian store and were immediately courted by Li Ying Western Food Store attractive menu display.

Not heeding another colleagues’ warning that the fancy menu may just be good marketing tactic, we ordered our Chicken Chop with Spaghetti and Chicken Cutlet respectively.

My colleague turned out to be right…. the chicken chop tasted horrible and my cutlet was well still passable lah. Not fantastic & the portions were small….


My 2 other colleagues’ laksa & wanton noodles portions looked like they were created for kids. The fried oyster with eggs we shared was tiny & we did not even bother to finish it.

If hawkers hope to serve small portions so as to allow patrons to taste & trial different stores cuisine, they are on the right track. However, the cooking will need a bit of brush up.

Conclusion, we will not be returning anytime soon.

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