1st Dragon Year Lo Hei

Started my Lo Hei Marathon this year with a Super Huat Lo Hei with Damian & the Muffins at 2 Chefs Eating Place tucked deep within the Commonwealth Crescent Estates – Blk 116.


Good food in Singapore are usually found at the most unexpected of places. An important factor contributing to the popularity of the eatery is the huge public carpark just next to Blk 116 & 117.

The eatery spans across around 3 neighbourhood store space hence you can imagine the number of tables available at any one time. Call for reservations is absolutely necessary & you will not get to be seated till all guest arrive. Pity those poor chaps who have to stand around to wait for their tables.

To ensure high turnaround of the tables, dishes are served at breakneck speed. Within minutes after order taking the highlight of the meal arrived on our table.


With chopsticks armed & ready, we tossed the Yu Sheng high up in the air wishing one another prosperity, career, beauty, love & good health in the new year.

The portion is decent, just the right amount to tease you without you feeling jer lat.

Next came one of the 招牌菜 (Signature dish): Chicken coated in milk powder.


The dish is definitely innovative but not outstanding. Just add milk powder to freshly fried chicken chunks and imagine how it will taste like.

The fried You Tiao with condense milk is a hot favorite but should come as no surprise. How wrong can these 2 ingredients go?


The 药材鸡 (Herbal Chicken) was deliciously well done but only has faint hint of the herbs used.


Assam Seafood Soup was rich & spicy, pity it wasn’t cooked with the entire fish or fish head else it would have been divined.


The rest of the dishes were ok lah. But please give the oatmeal prawns a miss… The colors were not inviting and the taste bleah… one of the most expensive dishes somemore…




The entire dining experience lasted around 30 minutes. All of us seem to be a group of hungry ghost wolfing down the dishes – got stressed by the staff & waiting crowd. Not suitable for diners who like to have their meals relaxed and savor every bite.

Total damage works out to be around $25 per pax for 8 diners. Not a bad deal for Lo Hei.

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent
Singapore 140116
64725361, 94379712
Open: 11.30am – 2.30pm & 5pm – 11.30pm Monday (Lunch) closed

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