Iron Chefs Western Grill Along PCN

Traveling on my 14 inch wheel Dahon Dove folding bicycle can sometimes be the best way to explore Singapore & its gourmet spots around the island.

I was around 2 hours plus into my eastern park connector network cycling expedition when hunger pangs strikes. My body was low on fuel and my foldie was riding through the last stretch of Siglap Park Connector towards Kembangan MRT Station.

There were quite a few food choices along the rows of shophouses that faces Changi Road but this particular western food store caught my eye with its sizeable poster of yummy images. The concept looked like it should be pretty similar to Botak Jones.


The prices were reasonable coffeeshop rates. I ordered a Cordon Bleu with Pasta Salad and Onion Rings (each main course comes along with 2 sides) which works up to $8.80. The slightly beng beng order taker then sent me off to my table with a red Iron Chefs number stand.

I took a seat near the end edge of the coffeeshop (behind Kembangan Plaza) where I can keep an eye on my foldie and made myself real comfy (shoes & socks off). The wait was around 15 minutes although there wasn’t much of a crowd. I supposed they might be busy with take away orders too.

When I first set my eyes on my meal, I was pleasantly surprised. The presentation was way above what I would have expected from a coffeeshop western store. The Cordon Bleu was fried to perfection on the outside & the inside was lined with bacon and melted cheese. Every bite was a joy.



The 2 sides however were not as good. The onion rings were over-fried, hard to bite and the pasta salad was cold & tasteless. May be I have chosen their worst sides, never know ๐Ÿ˜›

Overall, not bad for a coffeeshop western, definitely value for money. But if you are thinking of traveling cross the island to try it? May be not.

Here’s the full address:

Iron Chefs Charcoal Grill Bar
Seng Kee Eating House (477 Changi Road), Singapore, S419893
I am not too sure of the operating hours.

Be sure to share with me your comments on the food once you have tried it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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