Here comes ‘The Ice Cream Man’!

We were wandering around Haji Lane after a substantial middle eastern feast at Deli Moroccan when we chanced upon this petite, cheerful looking ice cream shop named ‘The Ice Cream Man’. The shop logo and deco can really bring one back to the sweet memories of good old campus days.


Contrary to what we have expected, the ice cream sold here were personally made by the 2 owners (who are also very much in loved with each other – hence the sweetness of the ice cream) themselves rather than simply serving the usual Gelato, Mövenpick etc.

The lady boss was a joy to chat with & she happily introduced us to the day’s ‘hot’ selections. Both her & her boyfriend love to hear suggestions of new ingredients from their customers & create amazingly innovative flavors.

True to her words, some of the flavors served were really out of the world! A good example will be their squid ink ice cream which is pitch black in the photo below. I cannot put a word to the exact taste but it sure is salty.


It’s quite a sight looking at the few of us grown up men pestering the nice lady boss to try the different flavors like a bunch of young kids. 🙂


The ice creams are charged based on their groupings:
Milk Base and Sorbet Groups: $3.50 (Single) & $4.50 (Double)
Premium and Liquor Groups: $4.50 (Single) & $6.50 (Double)

We eventually decided to go for Whiskey, Pineapple, Green Pea and Durian flavors.

You can’t really make out the Whiskey in the sorbet initially but after a few mouthful a slight high will kick in. They still strive to keep their customers sober. The pineapple was zesty and refreshing. Durian was well durian in its full package – so its still a no go for people who hate the actual fruit.

The green pea was a real winner. The seemingly humble green pea was a surprisingly suitable ice cream candidate. It’s sweet, delightful and reminded me of first love.


Unique flavored drinks eg Papaya Milk were available as well. Taiwanese gals take papaya milk for a reason. Pretty sure this drink will soon be a hit with the locals too.


Despite the shop size, there is a cozy spot for 5 – 6 pax that resides deep behind the counter. Many of our familiar childhood board & card games are made available for customers to relive their childhood days and have hours of fun & bonding with friends.


We refreshed ourselves with the game rules for ‘Happy Family’ & Uno before going for an amazingly long & draggy round for Uno… guess with the introduction of iPhone Game Apps, we are all pretty rusty with these primative games now.


Puzzle lovers would want to get their hands dirty with this Pandora Box. It took us a bit of fiddling but we are proud to announce that we have broken the code. Shall not spoilt the fun for you guys, go try it for yourself.


Overall a nostalgic childhood game session and we all loved their ice cream creations. Special thanks to the lady boss for her hospitality. We will definitely be back for their future innovations. Here’s the full details of the shop:

The Ice Cream Man Pte Ltd
7 Haji Lane Singapore 189200

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu:1:00pm – 11:00 pm
Fri-Sat:1:00pm – 1:00 am
Sun:1:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Contact Details:
T: 63980919
FB Fan Page:

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